AA.VV. Inter-regional contacts during the first millenium B.C. in Europe.

Pubblicato il : 6 Settembre 2017

Between the Po plain and middle-Danubian Urnfield cultures: Codroipo and the Friulian plain in 12th century BC, Giovanni Tasca – Cristiano Putzolu – David Vicenzutto
Late Bronze Age exchange and interaction in the northern Circum-Alpine region: not only across the Alps, Benjamin Jennings
– Tarquinia and the north. Considerations on some archaeological evidence of the 9th-3rd century BC, Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni – Alessandra Gobbi – Nora M. Petersen – Claudia Piazzi – Martin Trefný
Contacts between the Late Hallstatt groups of Pannonian Basin, the south-east Alpine Hallstatt region and ancient Veneti from the perspective of horse burials, Petra Kmeťova
Intercultural contacts at the end of Early Iron Age in the northern periphery of the Thracian world, Dragoș Măndescu
Enlightening identity: reconsidering burial practices in the Lychnidos region from the Iron Age until the end of the Hellenistic period, Pero Ardjanliev

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