Angelina MAGNOTTA. The Myth of the Cycnus (Swan) and Ethnic Carvings of the archaic Apuo-Liguri population near Pontremoli – Upper Lunigiana (Massa Carrara, Italy).

apuo liguri

Together, with the teachings of Anati and other famous pre-historic art and myth scholars, the writer has flanked her personal direct experience of the particular high reliefs present on the cave painting sites present in Upper Lunigiana of which nobody knew about their existence before the discovery made by the Archeoclub Italy ALate: ApuoLigure of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines of which she is President.
In her paper she presents prehistoric high reliefs of the archaic population that had in Apua its capital, now, no longer legendary as the discovery of the high reliefs of the Ligustian Boat demonstrates held up by the mythical figure of the Swan/Cycnus. Cut out on mountain rock,but regarding sea-voyages, it is the expression of a population that has two souls, a mountain one and a sea one.
The Apuo Liguri population, also connected to the figure of the moon cut out five times on the “Rupe delle Lune” (Rock of the Moons). The high reliefs in the six sites of the “Parco Lunigianese delle Incisioni Rupestri” in the “Lunigianese high relief Park” which one hopes will soon be set up, deal with many concepts connected to the social organization, to the religion, to the sacredness of human manifestations, in which also sexuality finds its place.

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